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Tenant Profiles

A list of current businesses / tenants located at 32 Salamanca


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Victoria Smith Psychotherapy Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children, Teenagers, Families, Couples and individuals.

Profile:I have been in business as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor for over 29 years.  I specialise in working with people with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, sleep problems and school refusal.
I am a Supplier for ACC ISSC Sensitive Claims, and a Family Court Counsellor.

Room Number:226 and 223
Wood Processing and Manufacturing Association of New Zealand (WPMA)
Phone:04 4739220
Fax:04 4739330


To grow our globally-competitive industry based on totally renewable forest products whilst improving the environment & creating jobs

Room Number:229 and 230
Pages: 12